The Benefits of IV Vitamin C in Cancer Treatment

10 Mar The Benefits of IV Vitamin C in Cancer Treatment

By Dr. Michael Yarish, ND
The Lakeside Clinic Center for Integrated Medicine

Cancer clinics across North America are using intravenous vitamin C in the treatment of cancer

Each year cancer claims the lives of more than half a million North Americans.  It is currently estimated that one out of every three persons will develop cancer in their lifetime.   Almost 80% of all cancers diagnosed are in persons 55 and older.  As our population continues to age rapidly, there has been very little change in regards to standard allopathic cancer protocols despite the over $225 billion per year poured into cancer research.

Chemotherapy, radiation and surgery are touted as the gold standard in cancer care and maintain a stronghold in the media and in the minds of Canadians as the go-to therapy when it comes to cancer care.  However recent research detailing controlled human trials published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, with contributions from the National Cancer Institute, the National Institute of Health, Centers for Cancer Research and McGill University, followed 3 advanced cases of incurable cancer that achieved long term remission following the use of intravenous vitamin C.  Since the publication of this paper, several leading cancer clinics across North America have begun adding intravenous vitamin C to various cocktails used in the treatment of cancer.

This information is not new to naturopathic and other medical oncologists.   Dr. Linus Pauling, a two- time Nobel Prize winner and Dr. Cameron, researched and wrote about the benefits of intravenous vitamin C in cancer therapy over 30 years ago.    Dr. Abram Hoffer, MD, Dr. Hugh Riordan, MD and countless other physicians have used IV vitamin C successfully in thousands of cancer patients.

Today IV vitamin C is being used as a successful natural cancer chemotherapeutic by physicians all over North American, including Ontario.  Its benefits can no longer be suppressed by corporate interests.

Unfortunately, the majority of oncologists, due to their ignorance regarding IV vitamin C, oppose the use it, reasoning that vitamin C interferes with the impact of chemotherapy.   However, a recent systematic review that included preclinical evidence from over 280 peer-reviewed papers, including 50 human trials of over 8500 subjects, approximately 5000 of whom were actively receiving antioxidant therapies, found that there was no evidence that supported concerns that IV vitamin C supplementation given concurrently with chemotherapy diminished the efficacy of chemotherapy in study populations.

Further research has proven that IV vitamin C selectively kills cancer cells while leaving surrounding tissue unharmed. It increases quality of life and prolongs survival by reducing the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.  It works synergistically and enhances cytotoxicity of several conventional chemotherapeutic drugs.   It has antiviral activity against many oncogenic viruses such as HCV, CMV,EBV, etc.).  Finally, IV vitamin C corrects vitamin C deficiency, often seen in cancer patients, boosts the immune system and helps prevent systemic free radical injury.

Dr. Yarish is trained in naturopathic oncology and uses IV vitamin C and other therapies extensively to treat cancer and improve quality of life in his patients.