Lower blood pressure through acupuncture

14 Sep Lower blood pressure through acupuncture

One in three adults worldwide has raised blood pressure — a condition that causes around half of all deaths from stroke and heart disease.

Acupuncture is a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine that has various health benefits, including lowering blood pressure. In a 2010 study performed in Germany, 80 patients with high blood pressure were assigned to an acupuncture group or to a medication group. For one month, patients in the acupuncture group were treated with acupuncture. Patients in the medication group received a blood pressure lowering pharmaceutical drug once daily for 30 days. In total, 68 per cent of patients in the acupuncture group experienced significant lowering of blood pressure, 28 per cent improved and five per cent failed. In the medication group only 45 per cent of patients experienced a significant drop in blood pressure, 35 per cent improved and 20 per cent failed. In a 2011 study, Chinese researchers found that stimulation of selected acupuncture points caused immediate blood pressure reduction for those suffering from acute hypertensive crises.

I use a variety of modalities to treat high blood pressure including acupuncture. If you suffer from uncontrolled high blood pressure or would like to reduce your reliance on pharmaceutical drugs, call The Lakeside Clinic and book your complimentary 15 minute consultation to learn more about how naturopathic medicine can offer innovative solutions to your health concerns.

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