Herbal Medicine to help improve digestion

22 Nov Herbal Medicine to help improve digestion

These 11 plant based foods help maintain smooth functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.  A healthy gastrointestinal tract leads to efficient nutrient absorption and quick processing and disposal of  impurities and toxins – all leading to the ultimate goal of eliminating constipation, improving detoxification and rejuvenating the entire digestive system.

Senna Leaves- increase fluid activity, softening elimination for ease of movement

Buckthorne Bark- eases constipation

Triphala- detoxifies

Peppermint Leaves- curbs gcolon_herbsas and fights spasms in your intestonal tract

Psyillium Husk- detoxifies, cleanses and refreshes your total digestive system

Acacia Gum- loosens bowels and refreshes the digestive tract
Papaya- breaks down food so your digestive system doesn’t have to struggle

Aloe Vera- alkalizes digestive juices and helps the colon flush out impurities and mucus

Fennel Seed- relieves gas and cramping

Slippery Elm- coats irritated digestive system lining

Ginger Root- prevents indigestion and colon muscle spasms