About Carol Kim

Founder and Owner of Barrie Digestive Clinic, Carol S. Kim, is a Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner and Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner. She is a holistic health practitioner who uses a multi-faceted approach to help educate and empower her clients to be their own best health ambassador.


“It is not just the foods you choose but also how you feel and how you eat that effects your digestion and overall health.” (Carol)


When asked how she chose Colon hydrotherapy as a service, the answer is simple: Even with the best nutrition program, sometimes, when the digestive system is sluggish or erratic, it is hard to see the benefits of the disciplined work in a timely manner. Colonics is an excellent adjunct therapy and enhances the effects of your food and lifestyle choices.


After almost a decade of working together with nutrition and colon hydrotherapy clients, Carol believes now more than ever that we are all unique metabolic individuals and furthermore, that we are constantly changing. This means that she takes a flexible approach to nutrition, lifestyle, and wellness. There is no perfect diet that works for everyone; Carol will work together with you to create the best program to help you achieve your health goals.


Carol is an active member in the Barrie community.  She has been a guest speaker on radio and television media, as well as running workshops and speaking at health and community groups, including Gilda’s Club and the Native Friendship Centre. Carol is a volunteer, donor, and supporter of community events and charitable foundations. She advocates for community harmony and keeps a sensitive, informed, and safe space.

To learn more about Carol or to make an appointment with Carol, please visit http://www.barriedigestiveclinic.com or call Carol at 705.300.5838