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About Demii Kloster, Nutritionist

My Background

I have been working in Nutrition Services in public health care for eight years. Although a fulfilling career, my true passion is consulting work and helping others achieve their personal health and wellness goals using my knowledge, background, experience and own personal dietary beliefs.


In 2009 I graduated with my BSc. Nutrition and Food Science from the University of Alberta. Nutrition was always of much interest to me which is what encouraged me to pursue a career in the health field. Not only do I face it every day at work, nutrition, health and diet is brought home with me and incorporated into my family’s life each and every day.


My health views and beliefs

Of course, there are MANY different opinions on how ‘health’ can be achieved but my belief and approach is adopting a diet and lifestyle that is clean, organic, chemical/toxin-free, grass fed, local, non-GMO, and sustainable.

​When people talk about diet often much focus is put on QUANTITY.  Whether that be in the form of caloric intake, number of fruits and vegetables, grams of protein, cups of water, etc. we tend to focus on the tangible and measurable components of our diet. Sometimes the QUALITY of food that we consume is forgotten about. Unfortunately, technology and modernization of farming, production and processing of our food has created some unfavorable dietary options if you’re not careful about the items you choose. YES – even those fresh, raw ingredients could be doing more harm than good and creating the perfect environment and breeding ground for disease.

Making your lifestyle one that is healthy doesn’t have to be hard.   Adopting a clean and toxin-free lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult and can be tailored to meet the needs and constraints of you and your family. It’s not an ‘all or nothing’ approach. There’s no strict diet to follow. It’s a lifestyle modification that you choose to make because you truly believe in a healthy, natural way of living!    To maximize quality of life and longevity we need to do everything in our power to create a healthy body, mind and spirit to house and support our vital functions. Everything that we put in, on and around our bodies can have some sort of effect so we must ensure we are making the right choices in order to live a long, fulfilling and meaningful life.


You can learn more about Demii at http://www.cleangreenandsprouted.com

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